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Why I do what I do

Hi, I’m Joanne Lauthier, a passionate vegan and founder of My Vegan Vouchers.

I’ve always been a passionate person. When I have an interest in something, I don’t do it by halves. I’m all in!

Ever since I can remember I wanted to be an educator. I began in Early Childhood Education and I was so passionate about my role, I had a strong desire for all educators to have that same passion, so I furthered my education and worked as an adult educator at TAFE, University and Private Registered Training Organisations.

My career was put on hold when I decided that caring for my gorgeous demented mother was more important than anything else. She needed me, and my children and partner were very supportive.

Having left my first love as an educator and being a relative new vegan, I explored my new passion.

I remember as a child, questioning what the meat was on my plate. I was a ‘good girl’ and ate what I was told to eat and put it out of my mind that it was once a beautiful animal. When my children also questioned what was on their plate, I told them they ‘needed’ to eat meat for the nutritional benefits as society would have us believe.

As I matured and developed Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis, I was told by my GP that, ‘It’s part of life’, but one day my osteoarthritis became so bad I was unable to sit, lay, walk, stand…without excruciating pain and  numbness in both arms and hands. I was unable to fulfil my role in caring for my mother and I became totally debilitated. Doctors wanted me on lifelong medications. I was prescribed Endone and by this time my decision to never take prescribed drugs was the last thing on my mind. I was like, ‘GIVE IT TO ME!’ I couldn’t stand the excruciating pain any longer. The Endone only worked for a day. The pain was back! I was told I needed nerve numbing tablets for the rest of my life and probable surgery.

Thankfully one of my daughters had commenced studying Nutritional Medicine and with her inquisitive mind and compassionate soul, she insisted that I give up meat and visit her naturopath. One visit, a change in diet and some magnesium tablets short term. FIXED!

Naturally, I felt so much better and I’ve never had that pain again. Nor surgery of course.

With a little research and education about the meat and dairy industry, there was no looking back after deciding to eat a plant based diet. From there, it was a no brainer to stop using ALL animal products including leather etc and living a vegan lifestyle. As my eyes opened and my soul remembered it's compassionate side, I became determined to share my passion and encourage others to see the truth rather than follow blindly because, ‘That’s the way we were raised’ and ‘That’s how we have always eaten’.

How My Vegan Vouchers was born

As a new vegan, I was struggling to find where to eat out, where to buy shoes and clothes, what skin care to buy and the list went on. How could I find what I needed? Being passionate about supporting these vegan businesses, I decided to create a central place where everything could be sourced. It was important to me to ensure a win/win scenario and I dreamed of My Vegan Vouchers, with “Savings on All Things Vegan” realising I could provide an online community of ethically conscious businesses offering exclusive deals for the ethically conscious consumer and save animals lives in the process.

I decided that wasn’t enough because we need to influence pre vegans to try our lifestyle and consider a healthier option and I wanted to appeal to their compassionate side and help them become aware of the truth about the meat and dairy industry. My Vegan Vouchers is a win for everyone! The animals, ethically conscious business owners, all consumers and our planet!

We offer EXCLUSIVE discount deals in the form of digital vouchers, or as some people like to call them, coupons. They each have their own offers. Some are available for several uses and some offer a lifetime of savings. Check them out here.

So, I currently live in Sydney but hey, I’m not stopping there. There’s a world of vegans and vegetarians ready to go one step further, so why not spread veganism worldwide?

My aim is to make veganism mainstream and an easy lifestyle to lead. Yes, LEAD! Let’s lead the way! It takes passion and determination to lead others and I’m leading!

Making Veganism Mainstream, One Voucher at a Time.


Where do our profits go?

Our aim is to increase vegan products and services to the general public worldwide.

All profits from memberships are put back into My Vegan Vouchers to improve user experience and promotions for businesses and 20% of the membership fee is donated to your favourite animal sanctuary when using their code. Please see below for more information. 


How to start saving with My Vegan Vouchers

Subscribing to My Vegan Vouchers is easy and rewarding! You will receive loads of discount vouchers and bargains from an array of vegan goods and services locally, online and globally and you will be helping to make veganism mainstream! Building a more compassionate community for You, Our Animal Friends and Our Planet.

  • You have 2 main options when you are selecting a membership. Memberships are currently offered for 6 months or 12 months from the date that you join. During that term, you are able to use all vouchers listed on the website.
  • You will be asked to complete a form including a few personal details to identify you.
  • We take your privacy very seriously and only keep information that we need to make your experience a positive one.
  • You will be asked to read and agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions before proceeding with your membership.

Click HERE to become a member


What you get with your My Vegan Vouchers membership 

  • You will receive an email with your personal login details that you must keep confidential to be secure.
  • You will receive all vouchers globally for the duration of your membership, to be used as per each voucher's terms and conditions.
  • You will receive support from a real person. There's no run around or avoiding the difficult questions with My Vegan Vouchers.
  • Your emails and phone calls reach Joanne (founder) and are responded to as soon as humanly possible during normal working hours. 
  • In urgent circumstances, please feel free to call m: 61407918200 and request assistance at any time.
  • If calling from outside of Australia, perhaps you would prefer to call via messenger to My Vegan Vouchers Facebook page.

Everyone is welcome and ALL vouchers are 100% vegan and cruelty free

This is a judgement free zone as we are all endeavouring to do our best. Everyone is welcome with open arms and a loving heart and therefor you will find businesses ranging from those who are 100% vegan to those who are not vegan but offer some vegan options. I believe in freedom of choice but I also believe that the choice should never hurt another living being, so the answer for me is a vegan lifestyle. I aim to make veganism mainstream by supporting vegan businesses and encouraging non-vegan businesses to provide vegan options.

My Vegan Vouchers is changing the world one voucher at a time, helping people buy animal-free products and use animal-free services because it makes our world a better place, reducing animal cruelty with an aim to end it for ever. 


What should you do if you have trouble redeeming your voucher?

In the rare event that you have trouble redeeming a voucher, please try the following:

  • Please check that it is not your device causing the issue. Perhaps try turning it off and on again. Technology isn't yet perfect unfortunately.
  • If it is the website/app causing the issue, please try logging out and back in again before redeeming your voucher.
  • Please check that the voucher has not expired. If it has expired, please check if there is a new version of that voucher ready for you to download.
  • If the voucher is valid (it hasn't expired and you have not redeemed it previously), please contact/ask for the owner or manager of the business if possible and explain the situation. The voucher should then be redeemed.
  • If you are receiving an error when submitting your voucher code into a (website) shopping cart, please contact the business as soon as possible and/or contact Joanne on m:0407918200 or e: contact@myveganvouchers.com and include a full description of what happened and the voucher you are trying to use. We will respond as soon as possible.
  • If the voucher is valid and you are unable to redeem it for any reason, please contact Joanne on m: 61407918200 immediately. Otherwise, please email Joanne at contact@myveganvouchers.com with a full description of what happened, including the voucher you are trying to use.


Promoting your business with My Vegan Vouchers

We welcome new businesses regularly and would love to hear from you. Not everyone here is vegan but all vouchers are 100% vegan, so:

  • if your business sells vegan and cruelty free products you are welcome to apply to be included on our website
  • if you offer a service such as a health service or trade service or similar and your 'tools of trade' are cruelty free and you are vegan, you are welcome to apply for inclusion on our website.

If you would like to apply to add your business, please complete the Business Registration Form HERE


How you can help your favourite animal sanctuary


My Vegan Vouchers is used a fundraiser for approved ‘not for profit’ organisations.

The list of organisations promoted here on our website use My Vegan Vouchers as a means of raising additional funds for their cause. They will be able to give you a referral code to use when joining. Insert the referral code in the member registration form and My Vegan Vouchers will automatically donate 20% of your membership fee to that organisation. You do not need to do anything further. It’s all done for you.


Are you a registered charity?

Find out more about fundraising with My Vegan Vouchers


My Vegan Vouchers can be used as a fundraiser for approved ‘not for profit’ organisations, rescue groups and volunteer run organisations.

If you would like to add your organisation to our list of charity organisations, please contact Joanne via email at contact@myveganvouchers.com 

We will provide you with marketing material to simplify the process of raising funds for your organisation.

We would love to hear from you and collaborate to raise much needed funds to help you keep our animal friends safe and healthy.